Favorite Links

Favorite Links

The following are some of my favorite places.


Snowberry Labradors - Lisa Benecke

Hyspire Labradors - Judy Heim, Lisa DaRoss & Vonnie Russell

Blackthorn Labradors - Robert & Barbara Gilchrist

Lincoln Creek Valley Kennels - Cathy & Jeff Hakola

Wynmar Labrador's - Wayne and Susan Martin

Blue Knight Labradors - Dan & Dian Welle

Stonecreek Labradors - Kim Flowers


There are very good organizations who assist in re-homing rescues and shelter dogs.

One of these is Rescue Me Dog

The trainer for Rescue Me Dog is Janine Allen who is the head of the performance division of my kennel, Quail Run South. If you wish to rescue an older puppy or adult dog, please consider this organization.


Proper training of a Labrador Retriever is important to their future as a good canine citizen. There are many books and websites that provide very good information on training.

Ideal Dogs is one of these that I recommend.


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

American Kennel Club

Canine Eye Registry Foundation

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